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How Should I Structure My Day?

As a creative, you'll have days where everything you look at inspires you. Other days will drag on.

I Don't Know What Career I Want

We tend to have a much better idea of what we don’t want, rather than what we do. This is because we don’t know what’s possible.

3 Core Habits of Successful People

One of the biggest things that got me starting this blog was the idea that success was predictable.

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals

When I first decided that I wanted to be self-employed, I realized that I needed to establish a road map and identify some obstacles that stood in the way.

Is It True You Don't Need Skills to Start a Blog?

The thing that surprises me about a lot of this is that so much of it doesn't seem to actually require any particular skill.

I Joined Reddit to Learn About SEO

Launching this blog has plunged me into the extremely noisy world of SEO strategy.

Marketing Yourself: Scheduling Time

Lots of freelancers make the mistake of thinking of themselves as contractors or — gasp! — temporary employees, when really, they're business owners.

Define the Terms Ahead of Time

Avoiding Burned Bridges: Don't get caught up in scope creep or late payments — figure it out now! And if you were smart about it, you already got half your money up front.

The 5 Core Rules of Freelance

A quick 'n dirty guide

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Changing Course in Life After 2021

As we travel deeper into the fall of 2021 and fumble towards normalcy, I've found through conversations with my friends — and looking within myself — that we're all in a pretty reflective mood.

Everybody Starts Somewhere

I'll be honest: Some people might make fun of you. It's not fun, and it's not great, but if you accept that it will happen, it will probably lessen the sting.

4 Areas to Level Up Your Life

When did "leveling up" became part of the self-improvement lexicon? Was it a video game thing? I'm not mad at it — just curious. When people talk about "leveling up" or encourage each other to "level up," what they really mean is doing the work to make their lives better.

What is Social Cognitive Career Theory?

Do you have problems wrapping your head around things that you want to accomplish? Does it all seem like a very big and monumental task?

Happiness is an activity, not a goal

In other words, you need to understand what makes you happy, and work for that — not "happiness" itself. Happiness itself is hazy, undefined.

How My Life Changed When I Adopted the Habits of Successful People

Like, it's weird. I spent so much of my life being a cynical cool kid, and now I wake up (naturally) around 7am and go jogging.

Getting Over the "Learning Stuff" Hurdle

In my opinion, you know what really sucks? Being called to give the results of an experiment that hasn't concluded yet.

Do You Need Social Media to Promote Yourself?

Around three or four years ago, I didn't have a Facebook profile. This was the first time I quit, and it was wonderful. Let me explain.

Flexibility is Key

If we've learned one thing (hopefully more than one thing) in 2020, it's that having a single source of income is not enough.

No One Knows What They're Doing

Navigating a new career in a world gone mad

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Who Are You in 2021?

We've all been so used to sleepwalking through life that getting all of this information and disruption at once will take a not-insignificant amount of time to process. And who knows ... maybe this disruption is just where we live now?

What is the Attention Economy?

When we were all forced, quite suddenly, to stay at home, we were also forced to reckon with how we spent our time — where we directed our attention.

Second Careers: Is it too late?

I recently had a conversation with a slightly younger friend of mine, who revealed that they had begun thinking about making plans to have children.

Living Your Life vs Enduring it

We've got so much to deal with these days. Omnipresent (and omnipotent) social media, a relentless news cycle, financial insecurity, an aggravating government — even before the pandemic, we wanted out.

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