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Changing Course in Life After 2021 →

As we travel deeper into the fall of 2021 and fumble towards normalcy, I've found through conversations with my friends — and looking within myself — that we're all in a pretty reflective mood.

How Should I Structure My Day? →

As a creative, you'll have days where everything you look at inspires you. Other days will drag on.

Everybody Starts Somewhere →

I'll be honest: Some people might make fun of you. It's not fun, and it's not great, but if you accept that it will happen, it will probably lessen the sting.

4 Areas to Level Up Your Life →

When did "leveling up" became part of the self-improvement lexicon? Was it a video game thing? I'm not mad at it — just curious. When people talk about "leveling up" or encourage each other to "level up," what they really mean is doing the work to make their lives better.

I Don't Know What Career I Want →

We tend to have a much better idea of what we don’t want, rather than what we do. This is because we don’t know what’s possible.

What is Social Cognitive Career Theory? →

Do you have problems wrapping your head around things that you want to accomplish? Does it all seem like a very big and monumental task?

Happiness is an activity, not a goal →

In other words, you need to understand what makes you happy, and work for that — not "happiness" itself. Happiness itself is hazy, undefined.

How My Life Changed When I Adopted the Habits of Successful People →

Like, it's weird. I spent so much of my life being a cynical cool kid, and now I wake up (naturally) around 7am and go jogging.

3 Core Habits of Successful People →

One of the biggest things that got me starting this blog was the idea that success was predictable.

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals →

When I first decided that I wanted to be self-employed, I realized that I needed to establish a road map and identify some obstacles that stood in the way.

Who Are You in 2021? →

We've all been so used to sleepwalking through life that getting all of this information and disruption at once will take a not-insignificant amount of time to process. And who knows ... maybe this disruption is just where we live now?

What is the Attention Economy? →

When we were all forced, quite suddenly, to stay at home, we were also forced to reckon with how we spent our time — where we directed our attention.

The Freelance Manifesto →

This is it. This is the one that made me do it. The thing is, I’ve heard this from other people, too: This book gave a lot of people the courage to try freelancing.

Getting Over the "Learning Stuff" Hurdle →

In my opinion, you know what really sucks? Being called to give the results of an experiment that hasn't concluded yet.

Is It True You Don't Need Skills to Start a Blog? →

The thing that surprises me about a lot of this is that so much of it doesn't seem to actually require any particular skill.

Digital Minimalism →

I am always a little surprised when I find out that people I talk to don’t know about Digital Minimalism.

Do You Need Social Media to Promote Yourself? →

Around three or four years ago, I didn't have a Facebook profile. This was the first time I quit, and it was wonderful. Let me explain.

I Joined Reddit to Learn About SEO →

Launching this blog has plunged me into the extremely noisy world of SEO strategy.

Eat That Frog! →

One of the main issues I have found with many self-help books is that they often promise an "easy" fix. What this book proposes is not, technically, an easy fix, but it is an easy(ish) process.

Marketing Yourself: Scheduling Time →

Lots of freelancers make the mistake of thinking of themselves as contractors or — gasp! — temporary employees, when really, they're business owners.

Define the Terms Ahead of Time →

Avoiding Burned Bridges: Don't get caught up in scope creep or late payments — figure it out now! And if you were smart about it, you already got half your money up front.

Flexibility is Key →

If we've learned one thing (hopefully more than one thing) in 2020, it's that having a single source of income is not enough.

Mastery →

To achieve mastery — to be able to acknowledge yourself as a Master of a skill, a field, or a vocation — you must progress through three stages.

Second Careers: Is it too late? →

I recently had a conversation with a slightly younger friend of mine, who revealed that they had begun thinking about making plans to have children.

Living Your Life vs Enduring it →

We've got so much to deal with these days. Omnipresent (and omnipotent) social media, a relentless news cycle, financial insecurity, an aggravating government — even before the pandemic, we wanted out.

No One Knows What They're Doing →

Navigating a new career in a world gone mad

The 5 Core Rules of Freelance →

A quick 'n dirty guide

How to Use This Site →

What is this thing? you ask, tapping on the screen. What's it for?

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